Getting back on the bike was a breeze with CityConnect’s free adult cycle training: Meet Zohrah Zancudi

It’s a familiar tale and it starts with a memorable childhood moment many of us are likely to share: learning to ride a bike.

That first taste of freedom, whiling away those endless hours on your bike for no reason other than it felt good. 

The years pass and for one reason or another cycling falls by the wayside and before you know it you’re a fully blown grown-up who hasn’t been on a bike in years. 

We caught up with Zohrah Zancudi, from Brighouse, to hear all about how our free adult cycle training has helped her bridge the gap. 

I learned to ride a bike as a child but barely cycled as I didn’t have my own bike. 

When my children were learning I spent hours running up and down the street with them until they got their balance. 

Eventually when their bikes got bigger I had the occasional go at cycling again but felt very wobbly and lacked confidence. 

Sadly that was the end of my cycling for the next 40 years. 

Cranking up the confidence

By chance I commented on a tweet by a colleague who had started to commute by bike to work to reduce her carbon footprint and she pointed me towards CityConnect’s free adult cycle training sessions at Halifax.  I registered and booked my first session there and then. 

On my first morning as I parked up at Halifax Fire Station I began to have second thoughts. 

I had just sent a text to my husband to say I had changed my mind and was heading home when suddenly a man tapped on my car window. 

He introduced himself as David and told to me to come on in before I changed my mind – not only was he a mind reader but he turned out to be a fantastic cycling instructor. 

Over the coming weeks, with David’s patient tuition, I completed my Bikeability Level 1 training away from the road, before passing my Bikeability Level 2 training out on the road.  I was so chuffed. 

Berlin by bike

Two weeks later I went to Berlin for my birthday and at the grand old age of 58, I spent it cycling around Potsdam with friends. 

Not only did I have the confidence to cycle through the parks with them but I also managed to cycle on the roads, which was a little challenging given they drive on the opposite side. 

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting to cycle, or perhaps returning to cycling after a long time, to find their nearest training venue.  It’s a fun way to learn in the company of other like-minded adults. 

I’m looking forward to driving less and cycling more.  I have now bought my first bike and signed up for my first Breeze ride

What’s not to love.  It’s good for me, good for the environment and good fun.