Castleford to Wakefield Greenway

Traffic-free routes, such as the Castleford Greenway, not only connect us with the places we need to go, they are often a focal point for the community, providing welcoming places for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy walking and cycling.

The first section of the greenway - a 2km stretch between Fairies Hill Lock and Methley Bridge in Castleford - opened in March 2018.

Extending National Cycle Network Route 69 over a new bridge across the Hallam Line led to the opening of a further link in December 2019. 

This was followed by another extension between Castleford and Methley Junction over the River Calder last October.

The latest 1.3km section to open is south of Methley village and it links the existing National Cycle Network route 67 with Methley Junction. 

It uses the old Methley Railway line and connects the new Castleford Greenway at Methley Junction with the Trans Pennine Trail, building on existing routes to Leeds, Castleford and Wakefield.

Now it is complete, the Castleford to Wakefield Greenway has created a 16km route by providing missing links in existing infrastructure.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate the official opening. Here’s what they had to say.