Bradford Trident serving the community with walking and cycling

Ludmila and Kristian both their local active travel hub to help out the community in Bradford


Ludmila Novosjolova is a mum of two from Bradford, an activist in West Bowling, and a neighbourhood worker at the West Bowling Centre. She made cycling part of her life with help from Bradford Trident.

Ludmila's bike

“I knew about Bradford Trident for years, as I live in the area. 

“As I couldn't ride a bicycle yet (learned at 16 and never ridden since), I decided to try to ride a tricycle.  

“The idea grew in me for a year, then one day I found, what I looked for on Facebook Marketplace and bought it. 

“I learned how to ride it in a week.  

“It is a bit different feeling and steering as on bicycle.  

“I know now, as I've signed up for bicycle riding group with Julia from the [Bradford Trident] Active Travel Hub. What I wasn't aware - it's about the glass on the roads and how do brakes work.  

“Thanks to Julia I am safe and sound on the road, as she fixed my tricycle's 3 punctures (one in every week) and brakes. 

“While she was fixing my tricycle, we talked about the possibility to start cycling group in the area.  

“I liked the idea, as although tricycle is more secure, stable transport for me, bicycle is more convenient and versatile.  

“I invited a few of our parents, that come to our stay and play. One of the ladies never ride a bicycle before and after a few weeks she learned it! 

“It is great to learn in the group, as we are supporting each other and celebrating together our achievements. 

“My advice would be, just go for it. You will learn how to ride very quickly and the joy of it and health benefit - is wonderful. And don't forget to sign up for the bike maintenance course, as it will be handy with the repairs of the punctures.” 


Kristian Eastwood is an urban ranger working for Better Place in Bradford, who are associated with Bradford Trident. His work takes him across a wide area in Bradford, helping to maintain parks and public spaces.

Kristian with his e-bike

“I get around on my cargo bike which is on loan to us from the Bradford active travel hub.  

“I’m finding you discover ways in which to use it most effectively in terms of what you need on what days. It’s about managing the weight of the things you need. 

“Using cardboard trays within the bottom of the box so you can easily remove things you don’t need that day.  

“Sometimes it is just a storage facility, but you don’t need to take too much with you on one day because it’ll obviously weigh down the bike and slow you down when you’re going up hills. 

“My job wouldn’t be possible to do on foot, it’s too many miles to cover. BD3, BD4, BD5, from Peel Park in the North to Horton Park and Bowling Park in the South. 

“The active travel hub in Bradford is based at MAPA [a community arts centre in BD5].  

“They’ve got courses that they run to encourage people to use bikes, e-scooters, any other kind of active travel that’s not cars and vans, that sort of thing.  

“They have an underground space that they use for getting people comfortable, all age groups, things like balance bikes for little kids.  

“They’ve got courses for whatever age, even if you’re like 60 plus and not ridden a bike for 20 years (or ever). 

“They’ve got the fixing side of things, if you’ve issues with your bike they’ll show you how to fix your bike with you so you can fix it yourself.  

“They do sessions in Bowling Park with HopOn with the younger audience, up to 4 years old. They call it a wheely track in Bowling Park, for cycles and scooters. That’s really popular. 

“At Better Place Bradford, we’ve got an apprentice that we’ve taken on, and the active travel hub have lent us a bike to our apprentice. 

“It ties in with the values side of things.  

“As Better Place Bradford, we’re encouraging people to play outside and enjoy the outdoor spaces, so if we’re doing that with the way we travel on the bikes, it’s kind of like practicing what you preach. 

“It’s been a really good talking point, because everybody asks you about the cargo bike.  

“Even passing people in the street are saying “What’s that, what have you got in there?” If you’re in one of the parks, it’s an introduction really, people start chatting to you because they want to know what it’s all about.  

“I get a lot of comments like “Have you got ice creams in there? Can you do a wheelie on that?” 

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