Scarborough Bridge, York

Our new Scarborough Bridge in York has helped boost access not only for people travelling by bike or on foot between the train and the city centre but also, importantly, those with mobility issues.

At 65-metres long Scarborough Bridge is now three times as wide at 3.7metres, with new ramps and steps meaning the bridge is accessible even when the River Ouse is in flood.

Since it reopened, Scarborough Bridge has accommodated more than 4,000 trips a day – an increase of 1,000 extra journeys on the average 3,000 daily crossings on the old footbridge. 

The £4.4m was delivered in partnership with City of York Council and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (YNYER EP).

What’s next?

We’ve been awarded funding to make further improvements to cycle and walkways between Scarborough Bridge, York railway station and the city centre.

These improvements will include:

  • an enhanced crossing of Bootham linking to the cycle route through to the district hospital;
  • improving the riverside cycle route on the Esplanade side of the river;
  • replacing the steps from St Mary’s to Marygate Lane with a ramp.