West Yorkshire locals get pedal ready to gain improved health and fitness

This Saturday 25th March, 60 people across West Yorkshire will start a 12-week Cycle 4 Health course.

Each participant will have their own unique reasons for joining the 12 week course, which is funded by CityConnect and delivered by Cycling UK.

Many will have been referred by a GP to help overcome health issues such as asthma, diabetes or heart conditions. Others will be looking to use cycling to improve muscle strength after suffering from a serious injury and some simply want to gain enough confidence to ride regularly so that they can lead healthy and active lifestyles.


Kimberly, a 2016 Cycle 4 Health participant said:

“Taking part in Cycle 4 Health has increased my physical activity and aided my recovery from a serious fall 18 months ago. I feel fitter and more confident to ride a bike than before. Our overall goal as a family is to be cycling to school together and then I will use my bike to commute to work instead of using the car.”

CityConnect and Cycling UK have had huge successes in helping hundreds of people to overcome personal barriers and perceived fears to cycling, helping them to become more confident both while cycling but also within themselves.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Chair said:

“It’s great to see such a huge interest from local people. It clearly shows that people are prepared to change their behaviour when it comes to transport, health and fitness, all they need is that initial encouragement and support from organisations such as CityConnect and Cycling UK.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is proud to support such an important initiative which will improve lives no end. As chair of transport, encouraging people to choose cycling as their preferred mode of transport is something I see vital to the improvement of local congestion problems, air quality and our road networks in general.”

Cycle 4 Health courses will run throughout summer 2017. Anyone wanting to improve their cycling skills can sign up to a course and take that first step to becoming an experienced rider.

People can find out more information by visiting the CityConnect website or by contacting Tom Murray at Cycling UK on 07825 983464 or email: tom.murray@cyclinguk.org

All equipment is provided on site; including a Bike and Helmet!