West Midland Councillors take to the Cycle Superhighway

Next week, a delegation of councillors and transport officers from councils across the West Midlands will make the trip to ride the Leeds – Bradford Cycle Superhighway. They’re not the only ones who’ve made the trip to see it. Last year, cycling officers from London, Bristol, Manchester and many more all made the journey to see and ride some of the most ambitious cycling infrastructure in the UK and the first segregated route between two cities.

Other cities are starting to invest in cycle superhighways – Birmingham has recently proposed a similar segregated route – while Manchester, Newcastle and London have recently completed segregated routes for people to travel by bike. These cities are doing it for a variety of reasons – it’s a much more efficient way of moving people through congested cities than other vehicles, it improves the dangerous levels of air quality, and the regular physical activity of cycling to work is a solution to the long-term ill-health problems that are endemic in the NHS.

Brian Deegan - Principal Technical Specialist in Cycling Transport for London said:

The Leeds Bradford superhighway is an amazing achievement. There are elements that we perhaps do better in London but there are other elements that are ground breaking. It is great to see another city showing ambition for cycling and I hope we can share innovative ideas going forward. The delivery of a city to city, segregated route is a landmark moment in UK cycling history”

Adrian Lord, a respected travel planner and director at Phil Jones Associates said:

The Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway represents a real step change in the UK. It was great to see some creative ways to give cyclists a safe and convenient route though major junctions. A lot of lessons have been learned to make the next route even better”

Fiona Limb, CityConnect Programme Manager said:

“We’re really excited to be welcoming the visitors from the West Midlands – it’s a great opportunity to show some of the ground-breaking work we’ve done with CityConnect, and pass on some of the knowledge we’ve gained during the build. It’s improved the lives of those who live near the route – for the first time in a generation, parents can cycle to school with their children, people can travel to work, and many more can experience the joys of cycling without having to share the road with vehicles”