The Cycle Superhighway is officially open!

The wait is over, CS1 the Western cycle superhighway connecting Leeds and Bradford is now open for use and you are all encouraged to rediscover that cycling feeling!

CS1 is just over fourteen kilometres, or about 9 miles, in length and runs from Church Bank in Bradford to Leeds City Centre via Barker End Road, Leeds Old Road, Stanningley, Bramley and Armley. The new route features segregation from the highway, priority over cars at side road junctions and increased safety measures along its length.

Now the Cycle Superhighway is open, the City Connect Team has an extensive program of engagement planned to support this growth and help people overcome the barriers that can prevent people from cycling. This includes working with schools along the route, delivering cycle training, Dr Bike sessions and led rides, and a Bike Friendly Business accreditation scheme that will advise businesses on what they can do to encourage more of their staff and visitors to travel by bike.

We have already had lots of people telling us they are enjoying using the route:

“I Cycled from Dick Lane to Bradford, once at Bradford Moor I followed the cycle way down to Bradford and same on my return. I was treated to a fantastic safe enjoyable ride without the worry of the traffic. Loving the green sections at bus stops & junctions - it gave me a sense of caution, well done team!”

“Just cycled the full length of the Superhighway from Seacroft to Bradford! It's not finished yet, but when it is, it'll definitely give folks a relatively safe alternative to being trapped behind the wheel 5 days a week.”

We'll be monitoring the route now that it's open, but we’d really appreciate your feedback, the good and the bad!

So if you’re getting out and rediscovering that cycling feeling, let us know what you think about the route by emailing us, tweeting us or send us a message on Facebook, we’ll look forward to hearing your comments.

What we do know is that, as with any big scheme, there are going to be tweaks needed over the coming weeks and we thank you in advance for your patience while we make these. They are likely to cause little disruption and will be in short sections so it shouldn't affect your journey.

Have you watched the Rediscover That Cycling Feeling video yet?