Parking Enforcement Update

Since the superhighway opened in June, traffic wardens from Bradford and Leeds have been patrolling the superhighway and issuing penalty charge notices for parking infringements. The Traffic Regulation Order became enforceable on the 4th July and there have been in excess of 91 fines issued for parking in the superhighway. In Bradford, over half of these were in the first month of enforcement.

Parking Enforcement Photo for Website (cropped)

We’re going to slightly change the patterns of enforcement over the next few months to provide better coverage over the length of the superhighway and over all times of day. However, people regularly get in touch with queries, information and photographs of people parking in cycle lanes – so while enforcement has significantly reduced the number of people parking in CS1, it has not yet been eliminated. We are aware that this needs to be a long-term process of change.

If you do see someone parked in the cycle lane, please report it to the relevant authority. If you are west of Sunnybank Lane on the A647 then please contact Bradford, if you’re east, then contact Leeds. Contact details are below.


You can email Leeds at

or call them on 0113 3950050


You can call them on 01274 434883 during daytime and out of hours 01274 432940.

Local Authority Teams will endeavour to get an officer there as soon as is reasonably possible. We’ve also been contacted by people with photographs of the infringements – unfortunately, fines have to be issued at the site and time of the infringement. We understand the frustration but we are constrained by the law on this issue – please report any infringements to the relevant team who will attend where possible.