How Streetbikes, J Tomlinson and Brian Robinson used the Cycle Superhighway for a Mixed Ability Cycle Tour!

On Sunday 2 April, Streetbikes and J Tomlinson hosted a mixed ability ride along the Leeds to Bradford Cycle Superhighway. It's safe to say everyone taking part thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Here’s how the group got on!

Mark Davis, CEO of J Tomlinson said:

“As a company, J Tomlinson are keen to support Streetbikes in the valuable community work that the group does, so we were delighted to sponsor the classroom build and the ride along the Leeds to Bradford Cycle Superhighway.”

On the left, J Tomlinson donate and sponsor Streetbikes with £1800 to continue their work in helping people of all abilities to cycle more, through cycle training, community bike fixes and donating recycled bikes back into the community.

On the right, riders with UK cycling legend Brian Robinson, the former road racer who was the first Briton to finish the Tour de France and win a Tour stage. Brian was their to show his support and encouragement to the riders.

Gill Greaves, Founder of Streetbikes CiC and organiser of the event said:

“Some of the riders taking part have overcome severe physical and mental barriers and it’s been with great personal determination and hard work alongside support from the 42 volunteers we have at Streetbikes CIC that has prepared them to participate in the ride.”

Tmara on the left, a visually impaired tandem cyclist enjoying the mixed ability cycle tour down the Cycle Superhighway!

9 staff members from J Tomlinson traveled up from Nottingham to take part in the ride and show support. Nottingham-based construction services company J Tomlinson sponsored the building of a bike maintenance classroom in Milnesbridge, Huddersfield. This enables Streetbikes to work effectively with local schools and community groups, teaching children, NEETs, and adults how to maintain and recycle bikes. J Tomlinson continues to support the charity by collecting unwanted bikes from its work force and donating them to Streetbikes.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Chair said:

“I’m delighted that the Cycle Superhighway has been used for this inclusive, mixed ability cycling tour.

Built with all types of users in mind, the Cycle Superhighway represents some of the best walking and cycling infrastructure in the country. It provides a safe and secure route and pleasant riding environment for those who don’t have the experience or confidence to ride on the roads, but still want to enjoy the benefits of cycling in their everyday lives."

Charities like Streetbikes compliment infrastructure projects such as the Cycle Superhighway in giving those who are less experienced, confident or able, access to a bike and the skills they need to use cycle routes connecting them to other communities, employment and training and leisure activities.