Feedback: What We've Done

The Cycle Superhighway has been open for nearly a month now, and we’ve been asking people using it to feedback their experience. Firstly, we'd like to thank all the people who’ve written, called, Tweeted and Facebooked us with their comments. Even if you’ve not been in contact, this is our chance to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions.


ParkingParking in the Cycle Superhighway is currently being enforced by teams from Bradford and Leeds who are currently issuing fines. There are people still parking on the cycle route but the number is quickly diminishing. However if you want to report a vehicle parked in the Superhighway, you can do so using the details below. If you are west of Sunnybank Lane on the A647 then please contact Bradford, if you’re east, then contact Leeds.

LeedsYou can email Leeds at call them on 0113 3950050

BradfordYou can call them on 01274 434883 during daytime and out of hours 01274 432940.

General maintenance

We’ve also had reports of broken glass, gravel and other detritus in the cycle lane. We’re going to be setting up a dedicated maintenance service once the whole of the cycle route is open – until then it’s being cleared on an ad-hoc basis.

The route will be gritted during winter.


Cycle Crossings

We’ve had some excellent feedback about the way we’ve dealt with crossings on the Superhighway – especially the push-button crossings exclusively for cyclists. There's been a couple of incidences when they haven't worked as intended but these should be now be fixed. If you do see one that is broken, not responding or otherwise not working as intended, please continue to report these to us as it will allow us to get them fixed quickly. Another often reported issue is where the signals are working, but seem to be sluggish in giving you the green light! We’re talking to Urban Traffic Control in both Leeds and Bradford to address these issues to smooth them out for people cycling.