Early results show an increase in cycling on CityConnect Routes!

Cycle Superhighway and Leeds/Liverpool Canal Towpath

Automatic Cycle Counters have been installed on the Cycle Superhighway and on the Canal Towpath as part of the CityConnect programme to improve cycling infrastructure in West Yorkshire.

Early data from these counters shows an increase in cycling on CityConnect routes compared to results of manual classified counts at similar locations in 2014 as indicated below:

Stanningley Road (Cycle Superhighway) – increase of 28%
Armley Road – increase of 27%
Kirkstall Forge (Canal Towpath) – increase of 70%
Armley Mills - increase of 55%

Of course, we are trying to achieve a sustained increase so we will be monitoring these numbers carefully over the coming months as well as encouraging more people to cycle through our campaigns and engagement events.

We've had some really encouraging feedback since the Cycle Superhighway between Leeds and Bradford opened:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Because of the new route into leeds I have taken up cycling to work which I would have never dreamed of doing before for fear of the traffic on the roads. It was a lot of money spent but I feel long term people will all agree that it is a major improvement to our fantastic city. Well done.

Let me start off by saying that I love the cycle lane, it gives me a real sense of security on my commute to and from work everyday. I just wish that I could have a lane all the way home!

Cycled in dark last night from Bramley to Bradford on bike highway. Would never have done this route previously. Thanks @CityConnect1!

@CityConnect1 loving the cycle route, been the full length, my 6 year old has also joined me for a few Miles on his bike

Inspired by Tuesday's #cyclesuperhighway ride with @CityConnect1 I cycled home from work today 8 miles from Middleton to Moortown

Keep up the great cycling everyone! :)