Cycle Speeds on the Cycle Superhighway

If you are comfortable riding at a faster pace on the superhighway then we fully support you, all we would ask is that you are considerate to all users along the way and ride with respect to the environmental constraints.

Perhaps the wording in the response to the earlier post asking about maximum speeds on the route could have been better phrased, we apologise for this and hope this goes someway to explaining. We weren’t trying to prescribe a speed for people to travel, but a guideline for those who want to know how long it will take to cycle between points on the superhighway – we estimate it’s around 10mph, based on figures from other countries and the signage on the route. We were offering advice, not trying to impose a limit.

As there are no speed limits for cyclists in the UK there is no mechanism for enforcement. CityConnect is concerned with encouraging new cyclists to use the infrastructure currently being built across West Yorkshire and as such looks at ways to overcome common barriers to cycling such as perceptions of not being fit enough or fast enough, holding other more experienced cyclists up or not having the right attire.

David Hembrow quotes "The actual average speed by bike in the city of Groningen has been measured and it's 14.2 km/h, or just short of 9 mph. This is not especially quick, but this is for an average person and it is not the rolling speed, but the overall speed for a complete journey including stops. By car it's much slower - 9.6 km/h." Now of course this isnt the Netherlands however, an average speed on the superhighway, again complete journey time, and therefor average speed, of 8-10mph is adequate for many potential and existing user journey times.

We found this to be an interesting blog piece on cycle speeds, although recognise that it doesnt take into consideration riding on superhighways.

Perhaps you have contradictory points, we’re happy to hear them and take them into consideration.


CityConnect Team