CityConnect visit the new Bradford Capital of Cycling hub

When we first heard that Bradford Capital of Cycling were trialling a bike hub in the very heart of the City of Bradford we were of course intrigued.

For a long time a small group of dedicated community cycling advocates have campaigned, supported and pushed for more opportunities for local Bradford people to cycle.

They’ve delivered community cycle training and rides for people of all abilities, recycled bikes to increase access to a bike and campaigned for improved cycling infrastructure.

Their latest venture, a city centre cycling hub located on Hall Ings road below the NCP Car Park shows potential for something special and exciting that the local people of Bradford should be excited for.

Currently, the hub is only temporary for 3 months however there is hope that with enough support and funding it can continue to be a public cycling resource in the heart of Bradford.

CityConnect went down last week to take a look and were impressed with what the team have created so far. On arrival we were greeted by the Chair of Bradford Cycling Campaign, Dave Robison, Cycling 4 All ride leader and artist, Tim Curtis and Bradford Disability Sport development officer, Dean Carroll who are behind the new cycling venue. It was quite clear to see what a great resource the space was and how it could benefit the local people of Bradford.

Cycle parking and changing facilities

The hub offers secure and staffed cycle parking for just £1 a day. According to the 2016 Bradford City Centre car parking study the average cost of car parking is £3.75 a day. With this new resource just imagine how much people would save if they were parking their bike rather than the car. The new cycle park is open to the public from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Bike maintenance workshop

On our visit we met George, a wheelchair user who was busy fixing bikes in an impressive bike mechanic workshop. There were bikes of all shapes and sizes, many of which were specially designed or adapted for people with physical or mental disabilities. The fleet of bikes here are used for inclusive rides for people of mixed ability providing a brilliant resource to encourage cycling for all.

Cycle training space

Cycle training and community rides have been delivered by the trio for a long time however now there is a dedicated space for indoor Level 1 cycle training. The space provides a safe and dry area for local people to improve their cycling skills using the many bikes available.

With the prestigious Cycle City, Active City conference coming up in mid-May, the hub couldn’t have been launched at a better time. Hundreds of people will attend the conference and it’s a great opportunity for Bradford to show off just how dedicated they are to cycling. The hub will be used by delegates to park their bikes during the conference.