CityConnect Schools Cycle Fest 2016

During National Bike Week, Leeds and Bradford Schools came to Hunter’s Greave Activity Area, close to the recently resurfaced Leeds-Liverpool Canal towpath, to take part in some great cycling activities in an event organised by CityConnect.


Nearly 70 children from schools near the towpath made the journey by bike – cycling from their school in groups led by local instructors from Cycle Leeds. Once on site, they took part in some fun activities – a mini-mountain biking course, a bike-powered smoothie maker, and an on-bike skills course run in partnership with the Influencing Travel Behaviour team from Leeds City Council.

To top it all off, they enjoyed a lunch provided by The Conservation Volunteers and watched local World Champion Trials Rider Joe Oakley show off his skills by jumping, leaping and hopping over an assault course – all on two wheels!


The kids loved it and want to keep riding – they’re all close by either the new CityConnect Cycle Superhighway, or the canal towpath, so they can draw on this experience for next term, or next year when they go to secondary school.

Kids who cycle regularly, or those that are involved in a cycling activity like mountain biking are more likely to cycle to work – just like those who take part in cycling activity while at school, such as BikeAbility. Giving these children the opportunity to take part in events like this is key to developing them as future riders, both for transport and for pleasure!


Not having a bike wasn’t a barrier either – kids who didn’t have bikes could borrow them on the day, provided by Cycle Leeds. These engagement events are leading into more support for schools in the Leeds-Bradford area, which will be targeting parents as well as kids, to make the school run fun.

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