A64 Works Update

Type 1 - Stanningley Road

Since the opening of the Leeds-Bradford Cycle Superhighway (CS1), we’ve had many queries about the section from Leeds to Seacroft (CS2). With the launch of CS1, and the consultations taking place for Phase 2 of the CityConnect project, we haven't had chance to provide an update for the works still ongoing on the A64. Below is an update on the scheme.

Firstly, let us apologise for the delays on the scheme. The CityConnect project is the most ambitious cycling project in the country, and the first scheme of its kind outside London. With a scheme of this ambition, there will inevitably be some issues encountered during construction, which has regrettably lead to delays. However, whilst CS1 has completed, CS2 has encountered some major setbacks.

One of those setbacks was the damage done to Leeds by the floods over winter, this meant there was a necessary reallocation of resources. Other factors which have affected the completion include issues with utilities such as gas mains, re-designs to properly accommodate drainage, as well as considerations from future developments in the area.

We understand the frustrations experienced with the ongoing works but this is necessary as we want to get the best value for taxpayer money, and to avoid disruption from future closures in the area.

As it currently stands, CS2 completion is best expressed in two sub-sections. The first, from ASDA to the ring-road, will be substantially complete in early September. The second, from Leeds city centre to ASDA, will be substantially complete by the end of September. We appreciate the patience of local people, businesses and commuters on the Superhighway and we will endeavour to keep you informed about any upcoming closures via our website, social media outlets and via our partners at Leeds City Council.