100,000 trips and counting ...

We recently reported on our Facebook page that over 100,000 trips had been made along the Cycle Superhighway since its opening in June 2016.

This claim raised a few eyebrows amongst our followers on social media so we thought we'd share with you just how this figure was calculated, and we'll be providing a regular update around usage figures so you can track progress.

So, on to those figures ...

The easiest way of counting the number of trips is through 'Automatic Cycle Counters', or ACCs for short. We have placed seven of these along the route between Bradford and Leeds. Five of these have been in operation for some time, the sixth and seventh, situated on Leeds Old Road, have just begun collecting data. The location of the ACCs is highlighted on the map below.

Map showing ACC locations

When a bike passes over one of our ACCs, a trip is logged. We can track this information, pinpointing times, dates and locations of trips made. The number of trips logged at each location is detailed in the table below.

ACC Table

As the ACCs count each bike crossing the counter, the numbers above could include the same cyclist(s) being counted multiple times in one journey, so rather than 'trips' the numbers might be described as 'trip stages'. See example below:

'Cyclist A' travels from Bradford to Leeds city centre along the Cycle Superhighway route. This cyclist would be recorded crossing the 4 ACCs at the following locations, and would therefore count as 4 trip stages:

  1. B6381 Leeds Old Road, eastbound
  2. A647 Bradford Road, eastbound
  3. Stanningley Road, eastbound
  4. Armley Road, bi-directional

It is not yet known how many of these trips are displaced from other modes of transport or other routes, but it is our intention to conduct intercept user surveys to help us collect this information.

Following this article, we'll look at providing you with a regular quarterly brief with updated figures.