10 best ways to start the year with CityConnect!

  1. Learn to Ride
If ‘Learning to Ride’ is one of your New Year’s resolutions then you’re in luck – we’ve got a completely free course that’s designed for you to start cycling if you have no experience of riding. There’s nothing to be afriad of, many people never learned to ride as children but have started regularly cycling after coming on one of our free courses. Book yours here: www.cyclecityconnect.co.uk/cycle-training

  1. Brush up on Skills
They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but this doesn’t convince everyone. If it’s been a while since you were in the saddle, start 2018 with a short course that’ll give you the best launchpad for a year of cycling! Totally free, running across West Yorkshire and with bikes and all the equipment you need provided, there’s no excuse not to. Book now @ www.cyclecityconnect.co.uk/cycle-training

  1. Maintenance classes
Cycling in winter is tough on you and your bike – but it’s also a great time to put a bit of time into maintenance. Even if you know a Presta from a Schrader, there’s something more to be learned to make your ride smoother, sleeker and shiner. From basic courses teaching the fundamentals: puncture repair, cleaning and safety checking – to advanced courses covering gear and brake adjustment. They’re running from a workshop near you and they’re totally free! Book now at: www.cyclecityconnect.co.uk/cycle-training

  1. First ride to work!
First impressions count and if your first ride to work is busy, scary and you get lost, we can’t blame you if you don’t do it again. Give yourself a head start with a bespoke journey planning service and a bike buddy to show you the way – totally funded through CityConnect Cycles. There’s no better way to start riding – arrange your bike buddy by emailing westyorkshire@bikeright.co.uk or call 01274 753 556.

  1. Sign up your school
If your school is near a CityConnect route, you’re eligible for extra support to get people cycling. From new cycle storage to extra sessions for pupils, the benefits of being a Bike Friendly School goes beyond just the ride there and back. See our webpage for case studies on existing schools and find out how to sign yours up. https://cyclecityconnect.co.uk/get-active/working-with-schools/

  1. Sign up your business
Some workplaces are struggling to keep up with the pack in terms of cycling facilities – it’s a good thing that there’s £5,000 grants on offer to improve them! Available for businesses across West Yorkshire, the offer comes with an award if you’re especially Bike Friendly, as well as free consultancy from cycling experts.

  1. Get fit with CityConnect
We all start the New Year with resolutions, but only 8% of people stick to them. If you’re looking to get fit, why not build in a sustainable habit by exchanging a journey you’d usually drive for one on a bike. Not only are you getting exercise but you’re also starting a sustainable fitness habit – which is great motivation when it’s dark and wet outside. What’s more, if you start cycling through January, the hardest part of the year is done and as the old cyclists’ saying goes: “Winter Miles make Summer Smiles”

  1. Burn Fat, Save Time and Money
Not only will riding to work help you get fit, it’ll also save you money. If you were going to sign up for a gym, then by cycling instead you’ll get a daily cardio routine, save the membership fee AND save the time you’d spend at the gym as well as the time spent getting to and from the gym. If you’re really keen you can extend your commute to get a better workout.

  1. It feels good!
The benefits of cycling go beyond all the above as well – cycling, along with any regular physical activity improves your mental health and cycling commuters and research from the University of Oregon in 2013 found that of all the means of transportation, cyclists rated highest on wellbeing and happiness (with walkers a close second) – great news in the gloomy depths of January.

  1. You can start now!
Sometimes the best ride is that from your front door! Yorkshire truly is a great place to ride a bike. There’s something for everyone, from complete novice to seasoned club rider. But it’s really easy to forget just how much fun cycling out of your front door is, how much you see, and how liberating it can be, so grab a map, dust off your bike, and rediscover your local area …on wheels! Plan a cycle route using the CityConnect journey planner, and share your first ride of the year with CityConnect – Happy New Year!