Support for Schools

We're working with schools across the region to make them ‘bike friendly’ for pupils and teachers

At the moment, only 1 in a 100 primary school children cycle to school, compared to 1 in every 2 Danish kids. With the completion of the Cycle Superhighway, we’re encouraging and supporting families to try another way of getting to school – a fun, active and healthy choice, such as cycling or walking.

The Cycle Superhighway runs through some of the most deprived areas in the country, where access to a bike is as low as one in five for households in these communities, which means many children never even learn to ride.

To help get their pupils pedal-ready to use the Cycle Superhighway between Bradford and Leeds, schools along the route are signing up to our new ‘Bike Friendly Schools’ scheme.

Want to become bike friendly?

Schools wanting to become Bike-Friendly can get in touch with us. The scheme is open to schools near the Cycle Superhighway.

Get in touch

Bike Friendly Schools initiative will offer:

  • Installation of cycle storage on school grounds
  • Access to bikes for pupils
  • Cycle training for pupils
  • Training for school staff to help implement cycling activities in school

How pupils will benefit:

  • Opportunity to take part in physical activities, achieving improved health and fitness
  • Skills that will help them to access education and employment in the future using active travel modes
  • Knowledge of the cycling and walking routes in their area which, with skills learnt they will be able to use confidently and safely

Looking ahead CityConnect ‘Bike Friendly Schools’ will move to including a cycling activity for every year a pupil is at school, developing skills in bike handling and confidence before tying in with national schemes such as BikeAbility to develop on-road cycling.