Top tips for winter cycling

Shorter days and colder weather shouldn’t stop you from cycling. We have some tips that will help keep you riding through winter.

Don’t let the weather get the better of you.

Keeping dry and warm makes winter cycling more comfortable, so wear lots of thin layers, and pack some waterproofs, a pair of gloves, and a hat or headband. For rain, you might want to consider investing in some waterproof shoes (or overshoes), or you could pack a spare pair of socks and shoes to change into at your destination. 

Be seen.

Make sure you always have a working set of lights to hand. It’s also worth carrying a spare set of lights or batteries so you don’t get caught short. Many people choose to wear reflective clothing, belts and strips. If you cycle in everyday clothes, try and choose a light colour to increase your visibility.

Plan your route.

Your route choice may vary between the seasons, from a more scenic route in the summer months to a more brightly lit, gritted route in the winter such as the Bradford Leeds Cycle Superhighway. Plan your route with ourhandy online map.

Make sure your bike’s in good health.

Make sure everything is in working order and well lubricated. The salt contained in road grit can damage bikes so think about using mudguards. You can protect your bike from corrosion by giving it a rinse after particularly long rides, or if you’re riding everyday, rinse at least once a week.

Want to learn to ride?

Free adult cycle training is available for all levels, whether you've never ridden a bike, or you want to master a regular journey. Bikes can be provided if you don't have one, and lower level sessions are traffic free.