Save your business money

Run a business? Supporting your employees to choose active travel and cut down their transport costs can save you money by reducing sick days and improving employee recruitment and retention.

Consult the Travel Plan Network.

The Travel Plan Network is a free service that helps businesses support their employees to travel sustainably to, from and during work, through cycling, walking, public transport and car based commuting. 

Set up a salary sacrifice scheme.

Setting up a Cycle to Work scheme can make it more affordable for your employees to purchase bikes.

Become a Bike Friendly Business, with our help.

We have a Bike Friendly Business Scheme with grants of up to £5,000 available to help with new equipment such as bike parking or signage.

Help employees not run their own cars.

Initiatives like the car sharing and Enterprise Car Club membership (discounted for Travel Plan Network members) can reduce the need for employees to run their own cars, helping them cut travel costs and you save money on providing parking.