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Guidance on facilities, helping employees access a bike and route information.

Our advice

Cycle parking, showers and changing facilities

Demand is likely to increase for cycle parking in workplaces as a result of COVID-19. Before you begin to encourage colleagues to travel by bike make sure your facilities are in good shape.

  • Can your parking accommodate any increase in demand? As a general rule, you should provide a bike parking space for the maximum number of people you expect to need one on any given day, plus 50% to allow for growth once other employees start to see the benefits.
  • Is it conveniently located, easy to find and clutter free?
  • Is it well-lit and secure? Cycle parking that looks inviting and is under surveillance encourages people to use it.
  • Is it protected from the weather? People don’t want to return to a bike with a wet saddle.

Where possible, provide showers and changing facilities. Lockers will help avoid unnecessary clutter around the workplace and promote health and safety.

Access to a bike

Travelling by bike is a cheap way of getting around once you have access to a bike. A great way of giving employees access to a bike is through a cycle to work scheme. These are likely to become more popular so if possible, make sure yours is open all year round, offers employees a choice of retailers and takes advantage of the increased limit.

There are also several organisations across our region offering low cost refurbished bikes. If you make your employees aware of these, they can contact the providers directly.

Many people will have a bike that simply needs a little care and attention to get it up and running. Running a bike maintenance session (sometimes known as a ‘Dr Bike’) will help get these bikes back on the road.

You could also provide a fleet of pool bikes, which people can borrow before committing to buying a bike of their own or can be used for people to make journeys during the working day.

Finding the best routes

People who are new to commuting by bike may not know the best route to take. The shortest, most direct route on a bus or in a car is not always the best route to take by bike. Providing route advice for people will ensure your colleagues enjoy a stress-free commute. Look at mapping routes within five miles of your workplace, this is a steady 30-minute ride for most people.   

Useful resources

Cycle parking

Cycle Scotland’s guidance on cycle parking (this guide also features advice on other bike friendly facilities too).

Take a look inside the best in class facilities at Kirkstall Forge, one of our gold standard Bike Friendly Businesses.

Access to a bike

Department for Transport’s updated guidance on putting in place a workplace cycle to work scheme

A practical guide to developing a workplace pool bike scheme

Transport for London’s Pool Bikes for Business guide

There are several places to access a bike in West Yorkshire. Sustrans is maintaining an interactive map of bike shops that are currently open.


A selection of video resources on commuting by bike produced by British Cycling.

Sustrans has also produced a simple one page guide to commuting by bike.

If you’re thinking of updating or creating an intranet page on active travel, our Bike Friendly Business Thorpe Park has an excellent example for inspiration.

Setting up a bike user group is a good way of tapping into your existing cycle commuters, who can be a valuable resource in encouraging others to travel by bike.