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People who commute by bike are more productive and take fewer days off. We offer grants of up to £5,000, free advice and support to help employers encourage staff to cycle to work.

Bikes are brilliant for business - they really are a win-win. Did you know employees who travel by bike typically take fewer days off sick, they arrive feeling more alert and are more productive?

We want to support your organisation to become more cycling friendly, a place where travelling by bike is the easiest and most convenient option.

Through our Bike Friendly Business scheme, launched in August 2016, employers can access expert advice and grants of up to £5,000 to encourage more staff to commute by bike, with bronze, silver and gold accreditation for organisations going the extra mile.

Want to make yours a bike-friendly business?

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More than 250 organisations across the region have taken part so far, with more than 70 employers receiving an accreditation. Grant funding has been used to install high quality bike parking, as well as provide pool bikes, e-bike try outs and bike maintenance training.

Once signed up to the scheme, we will come out and assess your organisation’s existing facilities, offering free expert advice and achievable goals.

Our assessment covers:

  • Your cycle parking and other facilities, such as shower and changing facilities, lockers, and maintenance kit.
  • The things you do to give people a helping hand and feel inspired to travel by bike, such as pool bikes or recreational rides
  • The ways in which you actively promote cycling at your organisation.

Organisations can then apply for a grant up to £5,000 to help create that perfect environment for people travelling by bike.