Save money with cycling

Cycling is a great way to get around, and support your mental and physical health, for a lower cost than driving or other forms of transport.

Swap to a cheap bike to save.

Need a bike? Our partners can help you get a refurbished bike for less, especially if you’re on a low income or youre a refugee. 

Can't ride? Learn how, for free.

Never learned to ride? Don’t worry – our free adult cycle training courses are taking place near you, and they don’t stop for winter. From total beginners who’ve never ridden a bike, to confident riders looking to master busy roads, there’s a course for everyone.  

Swap how you shop to save.

Using panniers (special bags that attach to a rack over your back wheel) or a trailer can make cycling a practical choice for doing a supermarket shop. You’ll save money on petrol and avoid the stress of parking.

Ask your employer.

If you’re in work, ask your employer if a Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme is available. These are substantially cheaper than buying a car on finance, and won’t affect your tax allowances. 

Learn new skills to save.

Got an old bike that you haven’t ridden in a long time? It can be made roadworthy quicker than you think. 

We offer free basic and improver level bike maintenance courses to help you keep your bike on the road year after year. Looking after your bike yourself can save you hundreds of pounds over the years.

Consider an e-bike.

Although there is a higher up-front cost, an e-bike can make regular cycling more practical for people with lower fitness or who live in a hilly area. They can be a great replacement for a car if you mostly drive short journeys.