Getting started: Cycling and walking information and advice

Whether it’s travelling safely from A to B, getting some exercise or a day out, cycling and walking is a great way to support your mental and physical health.

Cycling and walking in West Yorkshire

Two-thirds of the journeys made in West Yorkshire are under five miles, which takes about 30 minutes by bike, and did you know it only takes about 20 minutes to walk one mile?

Are you thinking about making more journeys by bike and on foot?  We’ve got plenty of routes for you to get your teeth stuck into - from segregated lanes running alongside the road to canal towpath upgrades and greenways.

New to cycling and walking? 

We’ve pulled together some of useful resources from our partners to help you on your way. 

From buying a bike to conquering the weather, Sustrans guide to cycling for beginners is a succinct read. 

Cycling UK share their 140 years’ experience in the saddle on their Start cycling pages and British Cycling also has a whole host of useful resources on getting started.

Interested in building more walking into your daily routine?  Take a look at Living Streets #Try20 checklist.

If you’re looking to cycle to work for the first time, British Cycling’s extensive resources on commuting by bike with confidence are well worth a look.


Bike checks and maintenance

Making sure your bike’s in good health before you go anywhere is vital.

Check the brakes work, make sure there’s air in your tyres, that none of the fixtures and fittings are loose, and the chain is clean and oiled. Sustrans 11-step M-Check is a good place to start.

You might also want to learn how to repair a puncture before you head out.  Sustrans has a video to show you how.

For other basic bike maintenance tips, such as degreasing and oiling your chain, and replacing and adjusting brakes, visit the British Cycling website.