Dom’s cycling journey

Find out how a childhood passion for riding has become a family affair for Moortown’s Dom Jacques.

To Moortown’s Dom Jacques, cycling’s more than just a way of getting from A to B.

Like many childhoods, his was full of street rides on BMXes – but little did young Dom realise how much bikes would become part of his later life.

“I’ve always enjoyed cycling”, says Dom. “A lot of my spare time when I was younger was spent playing out on my bike – unfortunately, there’s an embarrassing photo from 1990 of me in my gear and John Lennon-style shades to prove it!”

Now a father of two with partner Karen, Dom’s passion for two wheels has been passed down to daughter Frankie, nine, and son Byron, seven.

“We’ve really embraced cycling as a family, which is great because there are so many fantastic opportunities for it in Yorkshire”, Dom says.

“Whenever possible, I get to enjoy starting the day by riding with the kids to school, too.”

In 2014, Dom’s house was lucky enough to be on the route for the Tour de France Grand Départ, which only served to reinforce the family’s love of cycling.

“It was an amazingly inspirational day for the whole county”, he remembers.

“I play in Leeds Jazz Orchestra so we set up outside our house and raised over £400 for St Gemma’s Hospice and Cancer Research. It was quite surreal to see some of the world’s best athletes whizz right past the front door.”

With Karen completing a workplace challenge by cycling almost 200km in just one day and the whole family recently taking up triathlon, the Jacques’ pedalling knows no bounds.

“We love cycling because it is easy, fun and free”, Dom says. “It’s safe and good for the environment, and for us it’s also great to have a hobby we can all enjoy together.”

“I want my kids to grow up in a place where cycling is embraced, so I think the work of CityConnect and other organisations to make it more accessible is very important”, he says.

“Hopefully by featuring in the campaign others will see my family’s story and decide to give it a go for themselves.”