Cycling-mad Margaret stars in campaign

Thanks to CityConnect’s route improvements, changing jobs didn’t mean Margaret had to switch her commute from two wheels to four.

When Margaret Naylor changed jobs, she worried she’d no longer be able to commute by bike.

“I did the 20-minute ride between Saltaire and Bradford every day for six years and it was really short and easy”, says Margaret, 46.

“Cycling was a great way to get to the office quickly, so when I then needed to travel to east Leeds I was keen to try and keep it going.”

Fortunately for Margaret, infrastructure improvements from CityConnect meant there was no need to give up two wheels for four – she now uses a different route on a daily basis.

“My old commute was about four miles long whereas I now do about 15, but it’s all along the canal”, Margaret says. “Thanks to CityConnect, the journey is virtually traffic free, too.”

Margaret uses the Leeds CyclePoint at Leeds train station to store her bike before then taking her employer’s shuttle bus for the last section of the journey.

“It’s fantastic that I can take advantage of the different projects across West Yorkshire to have a commute I am able to enjoy”, Margaret adds.

A keen cyclist, Margaret rides socially to meet friends at the pub and completes fundraising challenges for charity.

“I am really keen to spread the message about cycling”, Margaret says. “It’s something I have always enjoyed, but many people – especially women – do not realise how many benefits it has to offer.”

“Hopefully by appearing in CityConnect’s campaign I will help others discover how easy it is to reap the rewards of cycling in West Yorkshire.”